We want to create the best organization to work for and we need your help building it, in return we will pay you according to your contribution.

Specifically, we need help with:
  • Developing collaboration tools, like our forum
  • Branding the organization towards potential contributors

Please tell us what else we need help with to get this organization going.

Please, have a look at the list of tasks we believe are the most important.

To start up your own EC2 server with our forum software, please fill out the following and wait for approx. 7 minutes. Once the server is running, you can log in as root with the password you choose in the form below. To shut down the server, use the AWS Management Console. If you are a new user to AWS, it should be free to run the server for the first year. If you accidentally get charged for some usage outside the Free Tier, then Open-Org.com will compensate you with up to 5$ per billing period.

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