We need someone to install www.lampcms.com on an EC2 32-bit micro instance.

You need to install all the packages that LampCMS depends upon as well as described here: www.lampcms.com/installation/

As webserver, please use the same web server as support.LampCMS.com, I believe this is www.lighttpd.net.

The first success criteria for your project is that you will provide me with an IP-address, which I can access with my browser, and it will look like support.lampcms.com. We do not expect the performance of the website to be good, since we are using Micro Instances.

The second success criteria is that you provide a complete log of ALL actions that you took to get LampCMS installed. Such actions include the image you used to get started. How you created a private key etc. Please include a dump of Putty as well, so one can see the feedback from the server to every command you ran.

Later, I will ask someone to automate the whole process, based you the log you provide.

We would like that you utilized a fairly new version (though stable) of Fedora. Please choose images from the US availability zones.

The reason why we need LampCMS is because it will be the place where work gets done for the contributors at www.Open-Org.com.

Please upload all the deliverables from this project to the web so it is accessible to the public (with a copyright note stating that it is the property of www.open-org.com) for at least a couple of months. I believe Google Docs is suitable, but also S3.

If you complete this project successfully and you are interested, we will also give you 30 Profit Points (please specify in your bid whether you would like this). You can see the value of Profit Points at www.Open-Org.com.

To complete this task, please sign up for EC2 so you get a free Micro Instance for a whole year (http://aws.amazon.com/free/)