Paid Q&A site

The Paid Q&A was first launched on the 26th of April 2012. The initial version is in Danish, and it only focuses on questions for lawyers.

The idea is to create a service, where people can ask lawyers and other professionals a simple question for something like 70$. They could also ask more complex questions or ask for advice, and pay accordingly.

The market for outsourcing services like this one is currently 1 billion dollars and is growing fast. We have a lot of ideas about how to make such a service significantly better than those of the competitors and we also have great contacts with a potential partner who has access to more than 60.000 potential customers (small and medium sized companies). As soon as this community has gained some traction, we will follow our vision of being transparent about our plans, strategies, but at the moment it would simply eliminate our competitive advantage.

For experimenting, you can start up your own EC2 server with the latest version of our Paid Q&A site, please fill out the following and wait for approx. 7 minutes. Once the server is running, you can log in as root with the password you choose in the form below. To shut down the server, use the AWS Management Console. If you are a new user to AWS, it should be free to run the server for the first year. If you accidentally get charged for some usage outside the Free Tier, then will compensate you with up to 5$ per billing period.

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