Profit sharing

If you do something valuable, then you will get Profit Points. Every month, the profits we have earned will be distributed to those that have Profit Points. So if you have 10 Profit Points, out of a total of 100 Profit Points, you will get 10% of the profits. In addition, you can sell your Profit Points, to get cash faster! You can read about the underlying value of Profit Points here.

What does it mean to do something valuable?
Doing something valuable can be anything from making a good argument about using a different technical approach than the proposed, to fixing up a text on the website, to programming a new feature. It could also be to encourage community members, or giving them advice on how to work more efficient.

What is in it for the owners?
The owners of this site will get 30% of the income generated from the projects. This is in return for being responsible paying taxes, audits, dealing with government regulations, being responsible for taking formal legal action against others, handling money, moderating and leading the community. It is possible that we will ask the community for help with handling some of these things, but some of these things cannot be delegated to the community.