The roadmap for is to:
  1. Get a forum based upon LampCMS up and running (started)
  2. Make adaptations so LampCMS can be used to get work done, and allocate Profit Points to contributors (started)
  3. Get a Profit Point <-> Bitcoin exchange up and running based on this source code, so contributors can get cash without paying the PayPal fees. Manual conversion to USD via PayPal is already an option. (currently looking for people to lead this project)
  4. Start the first revenue generating project: Paid Q&A site (prototype has been created and meeting dates have been set with potential agent)
  5. Continue to improve upon the forum, while developing the Paid Q&A site.
  6. Start marketing efforts

We have another roadmap with lots of more steps on it, but because the community have not gained enough speed, it would be a disadvantage to publish the rest of the steps on the roadmap. However, we plan to provide access to an extended roadmap to contributors who have gained at least 50 Profit Points