Our vision

After having worked for various large companies, we have found that there is a striking similarity in how they are run and the way a communist state is run.
  • Essentially, large corporations are run like planned economies with an occasional Great Leap Forward. Things like budgets, hierarchies, strategies and administrators will make sure that great ideas can never get implemented

The vision for Open-Org.com is to push power as far down in the organization as possible. This means that the "employees" will have power to decide how they want to contribute, at what time. They will also decide, in coordination with the rest of the community, the best way to solve a problem. The "employees" will also reward each other for the work they do.

Another, part of the vision is also to keep as much information as freely accessible as possible. This means, that one does not need to be a part any specific part of the organization, in order to get insight into the decisions that are made, and how they are made.